Personal Chef Service

What’s for Dinner?

Ask today’s busy households and you’ll hear answers such as fast food or frozen pizza. Your schedule doesn’t leave room for a lot of extras. In fact, how are you supposed to find time to prepare a delicious, well-balanced dinner? Or even to buy groceries?



That’s why Cheffy offers:

  • Customized Menus
  • Meal Preparation in Your Home
  • Freshest Vegetables • Freshest Fish
  • Complete Grocery Shopping
  • Variety of Healthy Menus
  • Top Quality Meats
  • Freshest Herbs & Seasonings

Now close your eyes and imagine coming home from a busy day. Within a short time you’ve filled your home with heavenly aromas and added the easy finishing touches on a wonderful dinner. Sit down and enjoy!

Customize  Menus

My goal is to make each meal the very best you have ever tasted! In order to accomplish this I must know about your preferences and your dietary needs. I have the ability to prepare gourmet meals to your specifications as well as preparing favorite recipes you may have. When you hire me, I will come to your home and conduct an interview and complete a detailed questionnaire. I use the results to develop your menus. Each menu lists entrees and some side dishes for a two week period and is presented to you for your approval prior to your scheduled cooking day.

Meal Preparation in Your Home.

Once you have approved your menu, I will schedule a day to cook in your home. I arrive with all of the utensils needed to complete your meals. I cook the food in your home, then package and refrigerate or freeze each item, and leave thawing and reheating instructions. By following these instructions your meals will taste like they were just prepared! I leave your kitchen clean and home smelling wonderful. You simply reheat the meals and enjoy the free time, the clean kitchen, and the fabulous food.

Variety of Healthy Menus.

I have the ability to cook not only to your tastes, but also according to your dietary requirements. So, if you need a low fat meal and you don’t eat red meat, don’t worry. You may want to try the turkey and black bean chili, or maybe you would prefer the lime and cilantro marinated shrimp. If neither of these entrees appeals to you there are many more you can try. In fact, Over 300 entrees are available, which means you won’t see the same meal twice in a 6 month period unless you request a repeat of favorites.

Complete Grocery Shopping.

On your scheduled cooking day, I will shop for the groceries needed for the meals on your menu. I will purchase all of the items needed and the cost of these groceries are incorporated into the charge for the two week service.

Freshest Vegetables.

On your scheduled cooking day, I will select the freshest vegetables available for your meals. If at all possible, I will use produce that was harvested that day.

Freshest Fish.

I will select the freshest fish available for your meals. All of the fish will be purchased the day we cook for you. If fish is available that was flown in on your cooking day, I will select that fish, even if I drive to three markets to get the very best!

Top Quality Meats.

The meats I select are of the finest quality available. The cuts are the tenderest, and all are purchased the day I cook for you. No frozen meat here! I offer beef, veal, lamb, pork, turkey, and chicken entrees.

Freshest Herbs & Seasonings.

The herbs used in your meals are fresh and harvested that day if possible. If the herb is not in season, I will purchase dried herbs and crush them when I use them. I grind our seasonings fresh each day and only as much as needed. These practices prevent the flavorful oils from evaporating while the herbs and spices sit on a shelf waiting for use.

Gourmet Dinner Parties

Entertaining in the comfort and privacy of your own home is not an unaffordable luxury. Cheffy makes it possible to have your own personal chef, to cook for you and your guests, so that you can sit and enjoy the evening with your friends and family for less than it would cost to dine out at a fine restaurant.




Sample Menus

Menu #1

  • Calypso Shrimp Cocktail With Tequila Lime Salsa
  • Gourmet Greens with Sautéed Goat Cheese and Asian Pears With orange raspberry vinaigrette
  • Roasted Tenderloin of Beef with Green peppercorn Demi Glace Scallops Fra Diablo (sautéed in a Dijon  cream sauce)
  • Oven Roasted Red Potatoes with garlic and fresh rosemary
  • Fresh Asparagus Lightly steamed and seasoned
  • Hot Chocolate Grand Marnier Soufflé
  • Coffee with cream and sugar

Menu #2

  • Lobster Cheese Cake with crème fraiche and caviar
  • Caesar Salad Crisp romaine, with black olives, artichokes, crunchy croutons Tossed with traditional  dressing
  • Macadamia Nut Crusted Sea Bass
  • Lemon Dill Rice Petite Whole Baby Green Beans
  • Bananas Foster With French Vanilla Ice Cream

Menu #3

  • Rosrua Salad Riddicco and Baby Bibb lettuce with avocado and tomatoes Drizzled with a citrus, cilantro and jalapeño vinaigrette
  • Pabalano Chicken Tender breast seasoned, floured, sautéed and finished in a Pabalano pepper cream Sauce and topped with jack cheese
  • Zucchini Bake, Fresh zucchini steamed, and baked with sharp cheddar cheese • Yellow Rice and black beans With red, green peppers, seasoned to perfection • Spanish Cheese Cake… To die for

Menu #4

  • Brie en croute, Baby brie topped with roasted apples, wrapped in flakey pastry, baked to a golden brown, and finished with walnuts sautéed in butter
  • Garden Salad, Crisp greens, with Bermuda onions, bell peppers, ripe tomatoes, black olives, lightly dressed with parmesan pepper ranch.
  • Rack of Lamb, Tender lamb marinated, seared, and grilled to perfection, sliced and served with a sour cream horseradish sauce
  • Wild Rice, Long grain, nutty rice, sautéed with onions, celery, earthy mushrooms, seasoned just right.
  • Baked Plum Tomato Sliced in half, topped with seasoned bread crumbs and baked to a golden brown
  • Dessert Panna Cotta Light Italian custard finished with fresh berries and whipped cream

Whatever you need for your special occasion, Cheffy’s Sensational Dinners can get it for you. Give me a call for more information and a free estimate. 941-286-3087 or e-mail me at

Wedding and Event Planning

Be it a wedding, a funeral or an intimate party with friends, Cheffy’s Sensational Dinners can help you plan your event so that every single detail related to food and catering are expertly and professionally handled.

Too Little or Too Much? It can be challenging to figure out just how much food to cook for a big gathering. Most people tend to cook much more than is actually needed, which often means that a lot of food goes to waste. Cheffy’s Sensational Dinners has years of experience cooking for both small and very large crowds and can help you make sure that every one of your guests is full – without wasting a bite.

Getting married is an exceptional and wonderful thing. Make the most of your wedding reception by allowing Cheffy’s Sensational Dinners to create a beautiful and exquisite menu for you and your guests. We will also happily take care of the venue, the décor and the service, which means that all you have to think about is saying “I do”.

If you are planning a corporate event, we can help with food and catering. From company picnics to multiple day retreats or conferences, Cheffy’s Sensational Dinners can provide you with delicious and appealing food within your budget.

Equipment Rentals

Any event planner knows that a successful event involves more than exquisite food and great service. Whether you are planning a wedding, big corporate event or company picnic, chances are you will be needing some equipment. If you are planning an event in the area, Cheffy’s Sensational Dinners can supply you with any and all equipment you may require, from tables to popcorn machines. We also have a list of highly recommended and dependable professionals, such as musicians and emcees. Here is a list of our most commonly rented items and service industry partners. If the item or individual you require is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. Linen – Dinnerware – Flower Arrangements – DJs – live bands – comedians – entertainers – emcees – Photographers and videographers – Various decorations (ice sculptures -balloons – centerpieces, etc. – Chocolate fountains -Tents – Lighting equipment – Ice cream and snow cone machines – Popcorn machines – Portable grills – Limousines and drivers – Sound systems – Games coordinators – Portable toilets – Game sets (croquet, horse shoes, etc.).

Interactive Dinner Parties

Cheffy offers in-home cooking classes and interactive dinner parties that are entertaining and educational. A Culinary Inspirations Experience is a great home party! As an instructor I pride myself in offering innovative curriculums with specific objectives that encourage hands on participation. As an instructor I will:

  • Teach culinary techniques
  • Provide professional instructional materials AND instruction
  • De-Mystify cooking
  • Advise and mentor students
  • Create a fun learning environment

Healthy Eating:

Choosing to eat healthy food is smart, but how healthy are you really eating? If you don’t know how to read a label or aren’t sure just how much fat should be in your diet, chances are you could improve your diet. Cheffy’s Sensational Dinners has been cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients for years, and on this page, we share this experience with you so that you can prepare delicious and healthy meals for you and your family.

Cooking Classes

Sample Menus












  • Afternoon High Tea
  • Asian Inspiration
  • Dining Under the Stars Grilling
  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • Games coordinators


What kind of service do you provide?

As a personal chef, I provide a family with freedom to have more time to spend with each other and reduce the stress of planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking meals. I provide all the equipment, cooking pans, utensils that I need to prepare meals in your home. You just come home and heat the meals in the oven or microwave and enjoy a healthy home cooked meal. I also do in home Dinner parties and Interactive Dinner Parties.

How much does your service cost?

Well that depends on a number of factors, your individual tastes, desires and diet. I provide; Personal Chef Service, in home Dinner Parties, and Interactive Dinner parties. All priced according to your needs.

Where do you cook the food?

I cook all the meals in your home, but I bring all of my own equipment. All I need from you is space in your refrigerator, freezer, an oven and Stove top.

How much time will you need in my kitchen?

With my Personal Chef Service, I’m typically in your home 5 to 7 hours depending on the menu. For Dinner Parties, 3 to 4 hours, before quests arrive, depending again on the complexity of the meal and number or guests. Interactive dinner parties, about 2 hours for prep.

How often do you cook for me?

I provide a 20-meal service. That is 5 entrees, 4 portions of each and 4 to 5 side dishes. That is the most economical; I do not cook for you every night. My service is designed for people looking for a long-term solution to their “What’s for Dinner Dilemma.”

Cheffy's Tips for a Successful No Stress Event

  • Always consult a caterer as they know which food and drinks go well with each occasion
  • Having a budget in mind is essential. Without one a planner cannot put together a realistic proposal and everyone’s time is wasted.
  • Your event planner should be familiar with top vendors and be able to recommend trusted and reputable vendors.
  • When choosing a venue, make sure that the venue is the right size and has the appropriate facilities for your event.